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I have experienced Sadhguru in four illuminating courses with him. You can do a search on YouTube to listen to hundreds of videos. The Isha Institute in McMinnville, TN is where thousands have experiended him. It is a spectacular place to learn what Yoga really is. Everyone can gain enormous insight by merely li stening to him talk.

About My Free Online Yoga University

This site is devoted to Yoga and has been online since 2007 (so it's a bit old fashioned!). It has nearly 600 pages of instructions, including all the tools you need to learn to do Yoga. The content is always comprehensive and easy to understand. Great for anyone who has not learned yoga properly. If you already study yoga, please click on the BREATH series and learn everything there. You will see an enormous leap in your practice if you learn how to breathe properly while you practice yoga. Please forgive some of the pages and links that don't work. I am in the process of changing the site.

The first thing you need to learn is how to breathe properly to achieve the desired results from Yoga. In my Breath series, there is a link on every page to listen to the Complete Yoga Breath - something you cannot learn from a book. I also love the You Tube of Iyengar where he performs one Complete Yoga Breath when he was very old. Namaste Iygengar, wherever you are out there now. I was deeply blessed to study with him in London in the early 1970s. If you did not learn this and you practice Yoga, you are not really doing Yoga. You are merely doing stretching exercises. It is not just about inhaling and exhaling deeply. It is about inhaling and exhaling with the entire body consciously.

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Namaste = I bow to you.
My mentor, Eugenia Basilewsky in all her glory in the late 60s.
(Above) Eugenia Basilewsky, my yoga mentor. Watch her do yoga postures (Stockholm in 1970 - converted from an 8mm film). She also shows a series of Nakra Kriyas (Crocodiles). I join her in the end. Eugenia performs Yoga.


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I created this site to be as easy to get around as possible, so I think you will find whatever you are looking for. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

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