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About Us
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The table below should answer any questions you might have. This section tells you about us and how to use these pages. Please read about future categories, and if you want to contact us with ideas, email me. Also, please keep in mind that one person did this entire site from scratch, including layout (code) and design, images, research, and content. If you find something you don't like, be gentle. I'm still working on it. Thanks!

About Us

KathrynKathryn Howard
Kathryn lived in Sweden for almost 20 years, where she studied psychology and pedagogy at Lund University and the University of Stockholm, worked with Rolf Eriksson's 18-piece orchestra as a jazz singer, and became a certified Yoga teacher, astrologer, and herbalist, among other things. Her life has taken her to many places and now she works as a Light for Health practitioner in Coral Gables, Florida. She also has begun to teach yoga again, using this Web site to teach all the wonderful things she learned from Eugenia, whom this site is dedicated to.

After she returned to the United States, she worked as a writer, editor, and Web designer for many years. She is also a certified master gardener and hypnotherapist. Kathryn has her own business, All Good Things for Health, with a spectacular office in the Green Building in Coral Gables. She works with Biontology (bio-photon treatments), teaches yoga, and combines geopathic stress elimination and the ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra Yoga (the precursor to Feng Shui in China) to protect the health of her clients and clean the environment (office or home). She was the founding editor-in-chief of the high-quality, award-winning Florida Home & Garden Magazine (1985-1992), and founding editor of the 4,000-page Smart Business Supersite (1994-2001). She has led yoga and stress-relief workshops internationally.

As an 'Expert Friend' on the Hearst Corporation's Website,, she writes about How To Live Spiritually. This is a great place to join a community of people who find a way to express themselves and to ask questions.


My teacher and mentorEugenia Basilewsky
This entire Web site is dedicated to my beloved teacher, Eugenia, who passed away in February, 2006. Everyone feels her love. There is much more about Eugenia in My Story and images of her in perfect Yoga postures are all over this site. She came from Estonia to Sweden via Germany as a POW during WWII. She  spoke 14 languages fluently, including Sanskrit. She spent years translating the Upanishads and Vedas to me from Sanskrit to English or Swedish, whichever language seemed to fit the words.

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Brian Logan, D.C.Brian Logan, D.C.
Without my partner, Brian, who shared his immense knowledge about anatomy, offered suggestions that made the content better, and kept me physically fit while working for hours in front of a computer, this site would never have been completed.

Brian is a third-generation chiropractor. He served on the Board of Trustees of Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, Mo, which his grandfather founded, his father was president, and where his mother, several relatives and he all received their degrees. He also works with enzymes and whole food nutrition. He also has an office in the Green Building in Coral Gables, Florida. If you would like to contact Dr. Logan, just send him an email. Back to top


Michael Lammers
Domain name ideas were being thrown around in 1997. Brian, Michael and I kept calling out different names. Michael said, All Good Things, and I got the name the following day (17 years ago!). Michael is a musician, songwriter, and I call him my genius friend.

Sven LarssonOf course, I thank Sven Larsson, who had the dream about the book that changed my life. None of this would have happened quite the way it did if I had not met him. That story is included with images in My Story . Sven is a professional musician and music teacher in Stockholm, Sweden. He contributed a great How-To article about How To Blow Your Own Horn in the Breath series of this site.

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Leif Carlqvist
Leif composed and recorded the music for the 15-minute dance segment of the DVD, YogaNata. A highly successful music producer in Sweden for years, he now runs a Music Studio in Estepona, Spain. When he offered to replace the music (without me asking), it was with great joy that I agreed and accepted. He said, "I owe you!" I agree, he did.

Kerstin Tungarden
Kerstin sewed the fringe on my outfit the night before filming and urged me to continue even with obstacles. Kerstin is also a gifted producer and a very dear friend, even if haven't seen her since 1996. Thank you Kerstin!

A big and special thanks to Mariano Desantis ( and Ze'ev Kolman (, for helping me with the final steps. The beautiful labels for the CD and DVD, and replications and packaging were all done at Mardee in New Jersey with unbelievable speed and efficiency (Ze'ev recommended it). Thanks to both of you. These two men shine their very bright light wherever they walk.

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How To Use This Site

Suggestion: Begin with the Breath series to learn how to breathe properly before you try to do any postures or meditations. Once you have understood the breath techniques, it will be easier for you to continue with the other series on this site.

Navigation Menus

The navigation menu (top left) on every page of this site lists the main categories, i.e. Breath, Postures, etc. The right column provides image links to specific series. Sequential links are also provided at the end of each page for every feature in a series. The unvisited links remain underlined until you have clicked on them. Every attempt has been made to provide navigation from page to page without getting lost. If you have any problems with navigation on this site, please let me know.

This is the logo, which is also placed at the top and bottom of every page on this site to take you back to the Yoga Home Page (where you started).

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Kathryn Howard
All Good Things for Health
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Coral Gables 33134 Florida
Phone: 305-505-3640
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