#1 MULADHARA - Part 2

The Root Chakra - The Coiled Serpent Fire - Goddess of Nature

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Root Chakra
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Navel Chakra
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Heart Chakra
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Throat Chakra
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Third Eye Chakra
6th Chakra

NASA Eye of God image in center. Crown Chakra.
7th Chakra

Breath technique for Kundalini
Sukh-Purvak Variation
Muladhara Definitions of Muladhara
  • Animal—Elephant (think of Ganesha, headed son of Shiva). One also has to attribute the snake to this Chakra, since in all ancient text it is the Ophite snake that is depicted as the Kundalini. Many artists have shown the snake as it uncoils as the Kundalini rising within. As I wrote earlier, there is no coincidence that the snake was climbing up the tree in the Bible in the Garden of Eden. The Kundalini is also called The Serpent Power. And the Kundalini is sleeping in this Root Chakra. This is what you will awaken as you read and practice the how-to's on this site.
  • Associations—The auric layers of both the physical (4 inches out) and etheric bodies (1/8th to 16 inches out) around your body. It is the anchor through the feet to the planetary body (the root) and then becomes the crown. This is called the seat of the Kundalini, the negative pole, opposite the positive pole of the God Vishnu (7th Chakra).

The home of the serpent fire, this force exists on all planes (and in all Chakras) and by its activity the rest of the Chakras are aroused. Always remember: Stick to the basic foundation while you reach to the heights. This will polarize you in all directions, not just up or down.

  • Colors—Red (like the color of fire), scarlet, rose, black; Yanta color: yellow. Red as a radish from blushing is a good way to describe how this Chakra can become apparent without you being able to control it!

The light spectrum “Red represents the physical phase of mentality...it stands for that part of the mental activities which are concerned with physical life. It is manifested by the vitality of the body, and in other hues, tints and shades. It is manifested by passions, anger, physical cravings, etc... We find strongly in evidence the clear bright red shade, similar to that of fresh, pure arterial blood as it leaves the heart, filled with pure material freshly oxygenated. This red shade, in the aura, indicates health, life-force, vigor, virility in a pure and untainted form. The shade will grow darker when feelings become tainted related to friendship, love of companionship, and love of physical exercise.” —Swami Panchadasi in The Human Aura.

People who can see auras say that the light is often seen as red, green and orange, but according to a great aura healer whom I know - blue is the healthiest color.

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  • Element—Subtle energies of Earth
  • Endocrine gland—Gonads (the sexual organs). There are some who believe that this root Chakra also relates to the adrenal medulla (inner). This Chakra is said to be related to the inner adrenals where our fight and flight instincts come from when threatened.
  • Energetic Life Force—Earth, survival, groundedness, solidity, foundation, psychic center
  • Essential Oils—Patchouli (rub at the base of your spine to feel the energies realign), cedar wood, sandalwood. Also for aromatherapy: ginger, curry (garam masala), magnolia, lotus, pine, musk.
  • Female Spin—Counter clockwise; Male Spin: Clockwise
  • Flower Essences—Corn, clematis, rosemary
  • Function—Purification of the body, elimination, instinct, survival. Each time we make a step towards symbolic consciousness, we bring a positive influence to our energy and biological systems.
  • Gemstone—Ruby, flame agate, rubelite, carnelian, red garnet, red coral, bloodstone, hematite, red jasper, black tourmaline, onyx, black obsidian, smoky quartz, agate, phantom red quartz crystal, lapis lazuli, azurite, onyx
  • Goddess—Dakini
  • Keywords—Subconscious mind, root, source, support, foundation, Goddess Kundalini Serpent Power, action, sexual energy, safety, survival, self-preservation, home, courage, work, economy, leadership, trust, etheric body layer, fundamental root center, basic evolutionary life force, woes, center of our primal life force, tremendous gravity, magnetism
  • Lotus Petals—4 (deep red)
  • Mantra—LAM (called Chakra seeds by my teacher). There are meditations given later in this series for each Chakra.

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  • Meditation purpose—To become grounded to the earth and conscious of gravity; to eliminate physical problems; levitation. Om, aum - sound is the same as ho-oooh (as in the ho-ld.
  • Meridians—Stomach (earth energy Yang organ); Spleen (earth energy Yin organ)
  • Musical Tone—C (Doe) Each period of development is set to a musical note. As one reaches higher, the sounds are more distinct, clearer. The scale (a chord) can be heard within.
  • Plane—Physical
  • Planetary Ruler(s)—Personally, I place the Moon here (since it is the other face of the Moon), because it is the reflection of the Sun in the 7th Chakra. But traditionally, Saturn and Uranus are placed here. Edgar Cayce places Saturn here. Muladhara always represents the Earth here, too, since it is all about the physical body down into the feet. A good way to understand this is to visualize the Ying-Yang black and white symbol, both sides of the same thing. The great Carl Jung wrote about the anima and animus (the female and male psyche, the reflection and the shadow).
  • Planetary Signs—Again, I would place Cancer here, because of the Moon. Traditionally, it is Aquarius by day; Capricorn by night
  • Plexus—Sacro-coccygeal
  • Prana—There are 5 Pranas associated with Chakras. “Muladhara Chakra prana is orange-red and called Apana. It performs the function of opening the eyes.” —Swami Sivananda
  • Purpose—Kinesthetic feelings, movement, self-preservation, groundedness, center of the magnet of the earth, knows all directions automatically, self-actualization, purification of the body
  • Sense—Smell
  • Sense organ—Nose
  • Shape—Square
  • Sound—uh (pronunciation-cup); Mantra: Lam; Letters assigned to this lotus: v, s, sh, r.
  • Spiritual influence—Woes
  • Symbol—A red triangle vertically standing on top of its point, with an oval stone inside of it. It is around this oval stone that the snake coils around 3 1/2 times. Others use the square (as given above).

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According to C.W. Leadbeater, the Root Chakra “gives the effect of its being divided into quadrants, alternately red and orange in hue, with hollows between them. This makes it seem as though marked with the sign of the cross, and for this reason the cross is often used to symbolize this center. When acting with any vigor, this chakra is fiery orange-red.” Perhaps the correct image is a circle surrounded by four lotus petals, with a square inside of it. The dragon has symbolized the Kundalini fire energy in ancient books for thousands of years. The snake in Eden is another symbol of the same power.

  • Tempo—62
  • Tree of Life—YESOD: foundation, stability and permanence of things, baptism, Kundalini or cosmic fire
  • Vibration—Seraphim
  • Vertebrae grouping—This is the holder of everything, and is governed by proper elimination through the body. This is usually attributed to the coccyx, which is ossified from 4 centers, one for each segment. According to Gray's Anatomy, “the ossific nuclei make their appearance in the following order: in the 1st segment between the 1st and 4th years; in the 2nd between the 5th and 10th years; in the 3rd between the 10th and 15th years; in the 4th between the 14th and 20th year. As age advances, the segments unite with one another, the union between the first and second segments being frequently delayed until after the age of 25 or 30. As a late period of life, especially in females, the coccyx often fuses with the sacrum.” This is probably why this 1st Chakra is often considered to have the same characteristics as the 2nd (sacral) Chakra.
  • Work organ—Anus
  • Yoga—Hatha
  • Yoga postures—Kegels, Wheel, Locust and half-locust, head to knee pose, YogaNidra
The Foot Chakra (which splits into the arch of each foot) is also considered part of the Muladhara as its energy moves down through the legs and into both feet. It represents the earth. It is responsible for flowing the energy to and from your physical energy system into the earth. This is your grounding point where the energy of your body is transformed into earth energy and the reverse.

A good healthy foot chakra will help you to (1) more easily manifest things physically, as it is the transformer of your thought energy into the earth system; (2) help you to stay physically focused on tasks throughout your day. If you are clumsy or fall frequently, it is a sign that this Chakra is not working well. Foot massages can help greatly. Walking barefoot in the dirt or sand is also very beneficial. Remember to exercise your feet! Pick up pencils with your toes. Roll your feet on balls. Use one of the many foot roller products. Walk on your toes.

Stretch and tense your feet daily and then relax them. This will help to prevent cramps, falls, maintain balance, and keep your feet in good working condition to follow you through life—with stability. Having healthy feet is more important than most people realize. We take our feet for granted. Women ignore the problems that result from wearing high heels, just to look good!

Breathe into your feet once in a while and feel what that does. Also let them rest by bringing your legs up while you lie on your back, relaxed, with your neck straight. Just hold them up there with your hands while you let them relax and feel the blood flow up to the Root Chakra, right into the Muladhara.

Spiritual Lesson

To learn how to understand and use the material world without becoming attached to it—for your own benefit and others. Awareness of the universal identity. How to acquire wisdom while in your body, while maintaining a strong sense of the practical—remaining down to earth and having great common sense about your life. To learn how to make the best choices for your own physical health and conscious unfoldment. This Chakra is the grounding force that allows you to connect to the earth energies and empower your life force.

Breath in defines time. Breath out defines space. Follow your breath.

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