#2 Svadhisthana - Part 3

The Sacral Chakra - Foundation of Life Breath Center
When the Sacral Chakra is Blocked

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7th Chakra

Sukh-Purvak Variation
SvadhisthanaThis Chakra is powerful. When it is blocked, there will be low back pain, sciatica, female problems, pelvic pain, urinary problems, emotional problem (blaming others), lack of money, sexual problems, kidney weakness, constipation, muscle cramps, lack of energy, allergies, repression and inhibition, loss of weight, imbalances in the endocrine system, muscle tension, poor vitamin C absorption, nervous depression. When the appendix bursts, there is a major blockage of energy in this Chakra. In fact, any problems with the lower part of the abdomen (ovaries, intestines) can be the result of a stuck 2nd Chakra.

When the sacrum is out of alignment and there is interference with the sacral plexus nerve function, the following symptoms can result: constipation, diarrhea, hernias, sterility, bladder problems, menstrual problems, cramps, bed-wetting, knee pains, sciatica, low back pain, difficult or painful urination, numbness, poor circulation in legs, shin splints, swollen ankles, weak arches, leg cramps, cold feet, sacroiliac problems, hemorrhoids, and pain in the bottom of the spine. Some of these symptoms are very similar to the 3rd Chakra. Remember, the first 3 Chakras are connected to the earth energies and work together.

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When the Sacral Chakra is Open and Spirals Are Free

The unconscious is often symbolized by this Chakra, because assumed patterns and paths that the mind takes arrive here in the unconscious realm of creativity. This is where our karma is grounded in memory. So, it stands to reason that this is also where many of our fears reside. Unlocking this Chakra to flow freely also results in our fears being released. A balanced Svadhisthana brings a balanced mind that is without fear.

Healing Visualizations and Meditations

  • Imagine this brilliant red-orange sun setting or rising (whichever coast you are on). Visualize it making circles and radiating out from your lower abdomen into your genitals, lower back and sacrum. Follow it with a slow inhalation. When you exhale, feel the energy of the sun flow up through your body from this Chakra, and out through the top of your head. Listen to the waves of the ocean as the sun begins to sink deeper and deeper into your lower spine and into your 2nd Chakra. Relax and just feel this. Breathe slowly the entire time.

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  • Visualize a second body (astral body) connected to this Chakra in your body. See it there. Feel it. As you inhale, let it fill your body completely and when you exhale, feel it as it moves from your abdomen to your spleen and up through your head and out, and when you inhale, see and feel it as it enters through your head, passes into your spleen and back to your abdomen again. Feel relaxed. Do this slowly.
  • When you are finished, always shimmy your body (as much as you can) like a dog coming out of water. This is a great exercise to do after all visualizations with Chakras.
  • Collect all the keywords that resonate with you about this Chakra and highlight them with an orange marker. Read them and learn them. Lie down and relax your entire body first. When you are completely relaxed, sit with your back straight and your legs comfortably crossed. Go into your body and feel all the areas that you marked in orange, and think about any words that stand out in your mind. Absorb whatever comes in and then just let it sink deep into your relaxed mind. This will help you to visualize this part of your body with complete clarity, which will come in handy when you begin to exercise this part of your body, consciously, with your breath and movement synchronized. All the exercises to work on this Chakra will be given in the following pages.

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  • “The person that focuses and meditates on this chakra and on the energies correspondent to it will not fear water. He may gain great psychic capacities, genial creative imagination, intuitive knowledge and a perfect mastering over the sexual function and of the senses and easily knows the astral worlds. Imprisoning passions, anger, attachments, vanity, jealousy, and other psychical impurities are easily cast away. Such a person will be young-looking, will have a great regenerative capacity, and finally overcomes death.” —Swami Shivananda


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