#5 VISUDDHA - Part 2

Definitions of Visuddha

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Root Chakra
1st Chakra

Sacral Chakra
2nd Chakra

Navel Chakra
3rd Chakra

Heart Chakra
4th Chakra

Throat Chakra
5th Chakra

Third Eye Chakra
6th Chakra

NASA Eye of God image in center. Crown Chakra.
7th Chakra

Sukh-Purvak Variation
  • Animal—Elephant (Gaja)
  • Associations—The auric layers of the Will and Spirit Bodies that can extend for miles from the person. Correlates to the heart, the solar plexus and the sexual centers through expressions. Externalizing mind.  Atma (auric envelope)
  • Color—Blue, aqua, sky blue, turquoise, gray, gold, light blues; Yantra color: violet. Feeling Blue is a good way to express how this Chakra expresses itself emotionally when it is blocked. The color of the thymus center is turquoise.
  • The light spectrum of the violet-blue ray flashes upwards to the throat, where it seems to divide itself, the light blue remaining to course through and quicken the throat center, while the dark blue and violet pass in into the brain.” —The Chakras - A Monograph by C.W. Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House (1927).

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  • Element—Ether principle (Akasha), all-pervading. In physics ether is a hypothetical medium for transmitting electromagnetic radiation that fills all unoccupied space.
  • Endocrine gland—Thyroid. Everything about our physical growth is related to the thyroid gland.
  • Energetic Life Force—Intention, will, the etheric, or space, dreaming, heart chambers open for higher frequency
  • Essential Oils—Lavender, patchouli, Clarey sage. Also for aromatherapy: lilac, patchouli, frankincense
  • Female Spin—Counter clockwise; Male Spin: Clockwise
  • Flower Essences—Cosmos, Trumpet vine, larch
  • Function—The first 3 Chakras unite to form their powers here, speech, self-expression, the song of life. Separates the physical from the astral at death. This is where you take in and assimilate. Controls yawning.
  • Gemstone—Aquamarine, azurite, blue lace agate, blue opal, blue quartz, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, chrysocolla, Lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire, sodalite, pearl, carnelian, jasper, bloodstone, hematite, malachite, kyanite
  • Goddess—Shakini
  • Keywords—Communication center, externalizing mind, purification, honesty, expression of individual will, speech, creative center, mysticism, mystic, the mental body, psyche
  • Lotus Petals—16 (smoky purple)
  • Mantra—HAM (called Chakra seeds by my teacher) There are meditations given later in this series for each Chakra.
  • Meditation purpose—Chanting the song of love, to become a yogishwar, knower of the Vedas. OM (aum) and the tone is huuuuuu
  • Meridians—Lung (ether energy Yin organ); Large Intestine (ether energy Yang organ)
  • Musical Tone—G (Sol) Some use G#
  • Plane—Human plane
  • Planetary Ruler(s)—Personally, I place Neptune here. Traditionally, Mercury to some, Mars to others (Edgar Cayce attributes Uranus to the thyroid-throat). Others associate the Moon with the throat (matriarchal culture) and Venus (matriarchal)
  • Planetary Signs—I place Pisces here. Traditionally, Masculine side—Gemini; Feminine side—Virgo. However, if one thinks of Taurus and the throat as the body symbol, one could even say that Taurus is also symbolic of the 5th Chakra.
  • Plexus—(Pharyngeal) Laryngeal
  • Prana—There are 5 Pranas associated with Chakras. “Visuddha Chakra prana is violet blue and called Udana.” —Swami Sivananda
  • Purpose—Self-responsibility, self-fulfillment, personal expression, creativity, faith, decision-making
  • Sense—Hearing (sound)
  • Sense organ—Ears
  • Shape—Round
  • Sound—I I (pronunciation-my); Vowel sounds
  • Spiritual influence—Psyche
  • Symbol—A circle surrounded by 16 lotus petals with a triangle inside. Also associated with the Chalice (cup).
  • Tempo—92
  • Tree of Life—Daath: Intellect, fire of the logos, Gevurah-Hesed
  • Vertebrae groupings—C1 through C7, T1
  • Vibration—Principles
  • Work organs—Mouth (vocal cords), larynx
  • Yoga—Raja, Japa
  • Yoga postures—Fish, Plough, Shoulder Stand, Singing Lessons

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Since the throat is where we express ourselves with our voice to the outside world, it is where we also express who we are to everyone who hears us. How we speak to others is extremely important. To speak with love from this Chakra is a goal to embrace. Even thinking something hurtful and not expressing it is the same as saying something hurtful, because our bodies feel it. Whether we are holding back or expressing, all of our thoughts or expressions come through our lower Chakras into our throat. Let it be with love. As the Beatles sang, and it still is true: Love is all you need...

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