The Sun Salutation - Steps 11 and 12

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Sun Salutation
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Eugenia in Tadasana variation for The Sun Salutation.

Step 11 - Deep Inhalation

(also Step 2)

Remember how nice Step 2 felt?

  • Take a deep breath as you lift your arms up—elbows stretched—and slightly behind your ears. Your palms are facing up (as shown in image). And of course, remember the placement of your feet — touching and flat on the floor.
  • Stretch your entire spine as you visualize it being filled with the energy of the life force through your breath. Your chin is lifted, and your head is tilted back. If you have no problem with balance, keep your eyes closed.
  • Lift your head and stretch your bodyas you inhale. You will feel how you are being invigorated from your head down through your feet. For some it is a tingling sensation, for others just a feeling of being balanced.
  • Remember. Your inhalation is filled with the energy of Sun. Visualize the warm rays of the Sun entering your body and filling you with its vitality.
  • Do this slowly with intention and a conscious, deep inhalation. This cannot be said enough. As you reach up, visualize in your mind's eye all the movements you have done to get here. It will help you to remember as you get ready for the last movement in this one round of The Sun Salutation Series.
  • You already know that you will slow down and relax in the next movement, Tadasana (the Standing Pose). This will help you to gain your strength, reflect on what you have accomplished, and you will feel that your body has loosened up. The next round will be easier.

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Step 12 - Tadasana

Normal Breathing (also Step 1)

Eugenia in Tadasana variation for The Sun Salutation. Now we have come full circle to the beginning position, Tadasana, Step 1.

  • Remember to lift where the red spot in the image is. If your body is straight in that one spot, you will feel the difference throughout this entire series, and any other series on this site for that matter!
  • Breathe slowly now and feel a sense of stability. balance, and relaxation in this position. Reflect on what you have done now and realize that each time you repeat this series, your body will begin to memorize the movements, too. This is what happens in Yoga. After a while, your body remembers what needs to be done and you just flow with it! The body has its own brilliant intelligence. It's called instinct. Use it. Feel it.
  • From this position of standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, feel your feet and big toes touching and flat on the floor. Your weight is evenly distributed on the balls and the heels of your feet. Get a sense of how that feels—the soles of your feet and your toes are connected to the earth beneath you (in your mind, of course!).
  • Your shoulders are relaxed as you end this first round of the series. Hold your tummy in and keep your neck and chin straight. Stretch your kneecaps up. Even if you can't get your knees together, try.
  • If you are repeating the series, now you can return to Step 2 and repeat everything from there again. Inhale as you stretch up and back.

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