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Sukh-Purvak Variation
Manipura“The yellow Chakra (solar plexus) is the center of the lower mind (objective, material) and is also complicated by emotional influences. Golden yellow is the color of intellect in its various phases and aspects.” —The Power of the Rays by S.G.J. Ouseley

“The navel center governs the larger life forces and the passions and large desire-movements.” —Sri Aurobindo

“The third centre, the umbilical, at the navel or solar plexus, receives a primary force with 10 radiations, so it vibrates in such a manner as to divide itself into 10 undulations or petals.

“It is very closely associated with feelings and emotions of various kinds. Its predominant color is a curious blending of several shades of red, though there is also a great deal of green in it. The divisions are alternately chiefly red and chiefly green.” —The Chakras - A Monograph by C.W. Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House (1927).

“The third lotus is situated near the navel and has 10 petals. It is said to give all things good, including happiness. The name given to this center is that of the Manipura Lotus, and the Yogi who contemplates this sacred center is able to obtain perfect happiness. He can destroy sorrow or disease. He is also able to enter another person's body and obtain the power of transmuting metals, of healing the sick, and of clairvoyance. The color is golden.”

So that's why people joke when they ask if I contemplate my navel all the time! This is a well-known meditation by anyone who has practiced meditation or yoga. In fact, meditating on the navel is considered a very positive practice. I have heard that it also helps to awaken memories of one's own birth. This is a wonderful experience for anyone to have.

A part of me wonders if there is a possibility that proper hypnosis can awaken this Chakra by bringing the birth memory back so clearly. I experienced this when I went to Brian Weiss, M.D., the famous psychiatrist from Miami who does past- and future-life regressions.

This was not my reason for going to him (I wanted to remember my first language, Spanish), but he did get me into such a deep state that I had total recall of the moment of my birth. In fact, I went home and asked my mother why she had never told me that I was coming out the wrong way and ended up a breach birth! I remember how astonished she was that I could remember that. I told her all the details, and she confirmed everything.

If you have never had this experience, and most people haven't, there are no words to describe just how wonderful it is. And if this is what they talk about when they say one can go to this place by contemplating one's navel, then it would be worth the effort! Give it a try. There is so much going on in this area of the body. I wrote about the gray (emotional brain) matter that is found around the solar plexus, and this entire area is involved in the 3rd Chakra.

Solar Plexus Self-Healing

This is an incredible method for healing this area of your body. You must believe in the power of your mind. This is all about the law of attraction, so belief is very important. Like everything else you do in life, this will get easier and easier with repetition.

  • Lie on a bed and relax completely. Rest your palms over your solar plexus and breathe rhythmically.
  • After you have gotten your breath under control in this way, begin to focus on your solar plexus and use your intention to inhale extra prana (energy) directly to this area. As you do this, you will begin to feel the warmth moving around between your navel and your solar plexus. Imagine there is a sun streaming warmth and energy into this entire area.
  • When you exhale, imagine that the sun spreads its rays from the center of your body out to all parts of your body.
  • You are now relaxing your nervous system by doing this consciously with intention. As you continue, imagine that the warmth of the sun's rays in your center reaches out to touch every muscle, every cell, every fiber, every part of your entire body.
  • Visualize energy itself like nerves moving everywhere inside of you to calm you and strengthen your entire system.
  • When you feel that you have done this long enough, just allow your body to relax a little while longer and then go around your day feeling refreshed and invigorated. This is a great method for anyone who gets groggy during the day. If you are in an office situation, do this in your chair with your eyes closed. Just keep your back as straight as possible.

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