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Abdominal Strengthener


There is a separate page devoted to each of these in the Postures series (you will find this title in the navigation menu on every page, upper left). This page is only a summary of specific postures for the Manipura Chakra. You can click on the links below to get the full instructions for each posture. There are many other reasons for practicing these other than to work with the Chakras, which are given in detail.

I suggest printing these pages to practice the preliminary stretches before you attempt any of these Yoga postures. Once you have stretched your muscles to the point where you can do a posture, you know you have come a long way in healing your body and making it stronger.

Remember, these links—which are always a turquoise color on this site—will take you to the detailed instructions for each posture.

Half-calf for BowThe Bow Pose - Step 1

The following Bow images (preliminary and complete) are to the same page. This is the preliminary stretch for people who cannot get into the Bow Pose easily. You start wherever you can. That is the best way to practice Yoga. By doing this, you give your body acceptance for what it can do for you, right now, knowing that it will loosen up as you do.

Half Bow The Bow Pose - Step 2

If the first preliminary stretch above is easy, practice raising one leg before trying with both legs. Detailed instructions are given on the page for this posture. Read those first.

The Bow Pose The Bow Pose (Advanced)
Dhanurasana (Dhanu=bow)

This is the Bow Pose with a variation that is even more advanced. You can also see it in the image of me on many pages of this site (taken from my DVD, YogaNata), while I dance to beautiful music. The detailed instructions are on the page for just this posture (link provided above).

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CobraThe Cobra
Bhujangasana (Bhuja = arm or shoulder)

This posture, a true classic in Yoga, is indicated for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Chakras. This is one of the most important Yoga postures for the spine, so it is included in any good Yoga book. It improves posture, strengthens the spine while helping it to be more flexible. Circulation is improved from the additional blood flow through the vertebrae. It is also good for the heart.

Abs StrengthenerAbs Strengthener
Vajroli Mudra (mudra = sealing posture)

This posture is specifically for the reproductive and urinary systems, and strengthens the entire abdominal area.

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Crocodile Exercises Crocodile Exercises

An entire series is devoted to Crocodile Exercises (Kriya Yoga) on this site, so this link goes to the first page of that series. This link is also part of the part of Postures series (top left menu). This is one of the easiest exercises in Yoga, unless you are dyslexic or just don't know your right from your left. If you are, these could really help you a lot. There is nothing better for a bad back. This is not static. You move the entire time. Detailed instructions for many variations are given, including lying down, standing, and sitting. A must for everyone to learn.

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If you want to review the Manipura Chakra, the links are provided below. If you are ready to continue to the 4th Chakra, that link is also provided below, or in the images in the right column.

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