# 4 ANAHATA - Part 2

The Heart Chakra - The Sound Source

Complete Yoga Breath
with Sound!

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Heart Chakra
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NASA Eye of God image in center. Crown Chakra.
7th Chakra

Sukh-Purvak Variation


Definitions of Anahata

  • Animal—Black antelope or gazelle, which symbolizes the lightness of physical substance.
  • Associations—The auric layers of the intuitional and compassionate body. The “I” consciousness of the child begins here. Buddhi. Instinctively understanding the feelings of others. The aura issues from this chakra. Love and divine manifestation.
  • Color—Radiant green, blood red, gold, golden pink, bluish-white (smoky), turquoise, Yantra color: dark blue. Green with Envy is a good way to express how this Chakra manifests when blocked.

“The Yellow ray (from the 3rd Chakra) is directed to the heart, but after doing its work there part of it also passes on to the brain and permeates it, directing itself principally to the 12-petalled flower in the midst of the highest force center.” —The Chakras - A Monograph by C.W. Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House (1927).

S.G.J. Ouseley in The Power of the Rays, attributes the green ray to balance, harmony and abundance. “...people who are irritable and depressed, troubled with nervous disorders in varying degrees...can be greatly helped by being receptive via the solar plexus and repeat the following affirmation 7 times: The soothing emerald green ray of the nightly cosmos is permeating my being with peace, rest and contentment, and giving me the fullest confidence that all my needs, both material and spiritual, are supplied ...” to me. Try it. If you really do this with intention, you might be surprised by the results.

Here we have landed smack in the middle of the spectrum of the astral colors. Swami Panchadasi wrote, “this is the balance between the two extremes, and is also influenced by these two extremes in a startling manner.” One color green can denote love of nature, another home life, another altruism, and yet when dipping down into duller greens, it can mean envy, malice, and someone without a heart—like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. But just as he did find his heart, someone with a dull green color can also find their heart by healing and raising the color of their Heart Chakra.

People who can see auras say that the light of love and compassion are often gold blue-violet, silver and very light green.

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  • Element—Air, fire principle
  • Endocrine gland—Thymus
  • Energetic Life Force—Love, compassion, confidence, inspiration, hope, generosity, gaseous, dreamless sleep.
  • Essential Oils—Sandalwood, amber, attar of rose, cedar wood. Also for aromatherapy: attar of rose, jasmine
  • Female Spin—Clockwise; Male Spin—Counter clockwise
  • Flower Essences—Holly, poppy, California wild rose, amber or sandalwood fragrance
  • Function—Respiration, disintegration, death of species, devotion, love, compassion, healing. This is the center that really opens your consciousness of love for all living things: humans, animals, plants—everything and everyone—without exception!
  • Gemstone—Emerald, tourmaline (emerald green, green, pink), aventurine, green jade, Kunzite, malachite, rose quartz, rhodonite, plume agate, rutillated quartz, ruby, rhodochrosite, amber, blue topaz, Mother-of-Pearl
  • Goddess—Kakini
  • Keywords—Conscience, compassion, communion, self-acceptance, love, divine manifestation, forgiveness, unconditional love. This is the seat of the ego, emotional center, the feeling body, subtle mind, subtle wind, blue hexagon, two triangles.
  • Lotus Petals—12 (scarlet)
  • Mantra—YAM (called Chakra seeds by my teacher) There are meditations given later in this series for each Chakra.
  • Meditation purpose—Past, present and future reveal all their secrets. OM (aum) and the tone is aaaaaaaaahh
  • Meridians—Gallbladder (wood energy Yang organ); Liver (wood energy Yin organ)
  • Musical Tone—F (Fa) Some use F#
  • Plane—Balance
  • Planetary Ruler(s)—Traditionally, Venus is placed here. Some also place the Sun (matriarchal).
  • Planetary Signs—I place Aries here. Traditionally, Libra (Venus) by day; Taurus (Venus) by night. Edgar Cayce places Venus here.
  • Plexus—Cardiac
  • Prana—There are 5 Pranas associated with Chakras. “Anahata Chakra prana is yellow and is also called Prana.” —Swami Sivananda
  • Purpose—Emotional empowerment, to heal the wounds of the heart through hurtful situations, to become love itself. This is the heart center, the center of love within our human body. Learning to experience this Chakra results in healing whatever it is you need to heal from within. Knowledge of the mind and all its inner workings can be attained through this life force of the heart.
  • Sense—Touch
  • Shape—Hexagonal
  • Sound—ah (pronunciation-ma)
  • Spiritual influence—Love
  • Symbol—A circle surrounded by 5 or 6 lotus petals, some use the Cross; a little flame from a candle or oil lamp.
  • Tempo—82
  • Tree of Life—Geburah and Gedulah: Severity or rigid justice, penance, fire of devotion
  • Vertebrae grouping—T2 through T7
  • Vibration—Dominations
  • Work organ—Hands
  • Yoga—Karma
  • Yoga Postures—Camel, Cobra, Fish, Sukh-Purvak Breath Technique

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Forgiveness. To forgive completely from the heart that is hurt is one of the highest acts of a human being. It is the one thing that could prevent war forever. Try to love others in the same way a dog does, unconditionally, without judgment. Be open. Connecting to our own compassion from the heart of love itself.

In Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kshul, there is much written about Chakras. It is free and I highly suggest anyone who is interested in this subject to check it out. This is an incredible gift. Suggestion: download the content and save it for when you have time to read it all! And thank you to the people who provided this invaluable source online for everyone:

Here is an excerpt: “There are two streams of energy which must be considered in studying the factors leading to physical plane actions. I would remind you in this connection that disease is an activity of the physical plane. The two streams are:

  • The stream of life itself, anchored in the heart, which determines the vitality of man, his capacity to work, and the term of his existence.
  • The predominating stream of energy coming from the astral, mental or soul bodies. These control (your) expression upon the physical plane.”

It is my belief that if you merely open your heart, completely, you will begin to feel much healthier, regardless of what dis-ease there is.

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