# 4 ANAHATA - Part 4

The Heart Chakra - The Sound Source

Complete Yoga Breath
with Sound!

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Heart Chakra
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NASA Eye of God image in center. Crown Chakra.
7th Chakra

Sukh-Purvak Variation
Anahata My Favorite Quotes About Chakras

“The Green Chakra (heart) registers impulses of the higher mind (subjective, abstract) and also higher emotions, such as compassion and sympathy.” —The Power of the Rays by S.G.J. Ouseley

“The heart center governs the emotional being. I never heard of two lotuses in the heart center, but it is the seat of two powers—in front of the higher vital or emotional being, and behind and concealed deep behind it—the soul of psychic being.” —Sri Aurobindo

The 4th Chakra (the middle Chakra in the chain of 7) can be expressed like this:

  • Red as a radish.
  • Feels Blue
  • Green with Envy

“Let him contemplate that there is a sea of nectar in his heart; that in the midst of that sea there is an island of precious stones, the very sand of which is pulverized diamonds and rubies.

“That on all sides of it there are Kadamba trees, laden with sweet flowers; that, next to these trees, like a rampant, there is a row of flowering trees, and that the fragrance of these flowers is spread all round, in every quarter.

“In the middle of this garden, let the yogi imagine that there stands a beautiful Kalpa tree, having four branches, representing the four Vedas, and that it is full of flowers and fruits. Insects are humming there and cuckoos singing. Beneath that tree, let him imagine a rich platform of precious gems, and on that a costly throne inlaid with jewels, and that on the throne sits his particular Deity, as taught to him by Guru.

“Let him contemplate on the appropriate form, ornaments and vehicle of that Deity.” —The Gheranda Samhita

Here are some wonderful images that one can visualize. I'm sure there are posters available from India online. I'm sure they can be found online. In vv. 22-27 of The Shatchakra Nirupana, (translation from Avalon): “The Heart Lotus is of the colour of the Bandhuka flower [red], and on its 12 petals are the letters Ka to Tha, with the Bindu above them, of the colour of vermilion. In its periapt (amulet) is the hexagonal Vayu-Mandala, of a smoky colour, and above it Surya-Mandala, with the Trikona lustrous as 10 million flashes of lightning within it. Above it the Vayu Bija, of a smoky hue, is seated on a black antelope, four-armed and carrying the goad (ankusha). In his (Vayu-Bija’s) lap is 3-eyed Isha.

“Like Hamsa (Hamsabha), His two arms are extended in the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. In the pericarp of this Lotus, seated on a red lotus, is the Shakti Kakini. She is 4­armed, carries the noose, the skull and makes the boon and fear-dispelling (Abhaya) signs. She is of a golden hue, is dressed in yellow raiment, and wears every variety of jewel, and a garland of bones. Her heart is softened by nectar.

“In the middle of the Trikona is Shiva in the form of a Vana-Linga, with the crescent moon and Bindu on his head. He is of a golden colour. He looks joyous with a rush of desire. Below him is the Jivatma like Hamsa. It is like the steady tapering flame of a lamp.” —The Chakras - A MONOGRAPH by C.W. Leadbeater

Effect of Meditation in the Heart

“The Shiva Samhita thus describes the benefits which are said to accrue to the yogi from meditation upon the heart center: He gets immeasurable knowledge, knows the past, present and future; has clairaudience, clairvoyance and can walk in the air, whenever he likes. He sees the adepts and the goddesses known as Yoginis ... It is not necessary to comment upon the poetic descriptions of the various powers; the student will read between the lines. Still, there may also be something in the literal meaning of such statements as these; for there are many wonders in India - the mysterious powers of the fire-walkers, and the perfectly marvelous hypnotic ability shown by some conjurers who perform the famous rope trick and similar feats.” —Shiva Samhita from The Chakras - A MONOGRAPH by C.W. Leadbeater

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