# 4 ANAHATA - Part 3

The Heart Chakra - The Sound Source

Complete Yoga Breath
with Sound!

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Sukh-Purvak Variation
Anahata When the Heart Chakra is Blocked

Most heart diseases have their root cause in the emotional body. When the large area surrounding the heart  is not functioning properly, the following symptoms can appear: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, head colds, vision problems, loss of hearing, sinus problems, allergies, runny nose, sore throat, tonsillitis, hoarseness, laryngitis, stiff neck, cough, croup, tennis elbow, wrist, hand and finger numbness or pain, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, asthma, heart conditions, chest pains, bronchitis, pneumonia, hiatal hernia, blood pressure problems, liver conditions, indigestion, gastritis, ulcers, blood sugar problems, kidney conditions, lung and breast cancers, upper back pain, shoulder problems, heart pain, heart attack, high blood pressure, negativity, fatigue, tension, insomnia, anger, paranoia, angina from over-exertion), epilepsy, fibrosis, depression, midriff pain and claustrophobia.

Of major concern, of course, is what happens to our emotional aura when Chakras are blocked. It's obvious that having a blocked Heart Chakra denotes ego problems. It is difficult for the person to love others freely. The typical characteristic is someone who seems to always have a shield around them, always protecting themselves, not trusting anyone. But even worse than all this, it prevents the love of self. It's like closing the door on everything that is warm and wonderful. It's cold.

When the Heart Chakra is Open and Spirals are Free

When this Chakra is open, the person is well-balanced, giving, accepting of others, openness in relationships, compassionate, empathetic, humanitarian, and has an abundance of tolerance and patience. This is someone who sees the good in everyone and has a desire to nurture others. Friendly, outgoing, in touch with feelings. Sexual energy can surrender and merge in a love relationship. Can wait for the right partner.  Unconditional love experienced. Group consciousness.

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Healing Visualizations and Meditations

  • Visualize the image of Leonardo Da Vinci's man with his arms stretched out to the sides. All of the area that is stretched and wide open is part of the heart chakra. It brings power to stretch the body in this way. Stretch your arms in front of you and place your palms together. As you slowly stretch your arms out to the sides, visualize yourself as a bird with every muscle in your arms stretching and tensing. Then stretch your arms behind you and back to the sides—stretched out. Do this several times, relaxing in between.
  • Visualize a flame within the center of your chest. This flame is called Van-linga in Yoga. Visualize that you can see the invisible and visible world at the same time. Watch the fire grow as your mind expands and your heart becomes strong. Know that this is one of the most important Chakras in your body because it is all about love and the joy of giving. Visualize that you love everyone, including those you think of with dislike and any enemies. There is nothing better than complete Love to open this Chakra.
  • “The person that meditates perseveringly on this chakra may easily have out-of-body experiences and fly thus to parallel astral universes. Such a person is the perfect instrument of the divine cosmic love and obtains all other divine qualities.” —Swami Shivananda
  • Go to movies that are about tenderness and love, movies that help you to feel emotional sensations to awaken your 'feeling heart' and your body.

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A Bhagavan Maharshi Heart Visualization

  • “Sit and concentrate on the heart at the right side and ask 'Who am I?' When thoughts arise during the meditation, do not follow them up but watch them and ask: 'What is this thought? Where did it come from? And to whom? To me—and Who am I?' So each thought disappears when scrutinized and is turned back to the basic I-thought. If impure thoughts rise up, they are to be treated in the same way, for sadhana really does what psychoanalysis claims to do—clear out the filth from the subconscious, brings it up to the light of day and destroys it.”

Sri Maharshi said...“all kinds of thoughts arise in meditation. That is only right, for what lies hidden in you is brought out. Unless it rises up how can it be destroyed?”

S.G.J. Ouseley, the author of The Power of the Rays, has a wonderful meditation for the Heart Chakra through the color Green: Open up your receptive being via the solar plexus and use the following affirmation, repeated 7 times:
  • “The soothing Emerald Green Ray of the mighty Cosmos is permeating my being with peace, rest and contentment, and giving me the fullest confidence that all my needs both material and spiritual are supplied to me.”

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