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NASA Eye of God image in center. Crown Chakra.
7th Chakra

Sukh-Purvak Variation
SahasraraWhen the Sahasrara Chakra
is Blocked

“The object of our Yoga is to establish direct contact with the Divine above and bring down the divine Consciousness from above into all the centers. Occult powers belonging to the mental, vital and subtle physical planes are not our object.” —Sri Aurobindo

Some of the most common symptoms of a blocked or unopened Sahasrara Chakra include: inappropriate self-control, mystical depression, diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system and the skin, chronic exhaustion not associated with physical ailments, sensitivity to light, sound, environment. Laziness. Migraine headaches. A misaligned Crown Chakra can cause self centeredness, spiritual poverty and on a more physical side, poor reality control, and low energy all the time.

There will also be difficulty to concentrate with intention, to think clearly about things. People with a blocked, underactive Sahasrara will suffer from having no future goals. They are definitely not visionaries! Just thinking about the next day and what they need to do can be stressful. Scattered mentality.

If this Chakra is overactive, there will be headaches, imbalances in the body, and indecision. The person will have no boundaries, no rules, and will be in a constant state of chaos regarding themselves and others. Manic-depressive. A feeling of emptiness. Nervous and split on everything. There is a sense of instability, unreliability, fear, insecurity.

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When the Sahasrara Chakra
is Open and Spirals are Free

Total selflessness. Divine love of all. Altruistic, humanitarian, giver, lover of life, charming and charismatic from the power of love itself. This Chakra helps us to think and express ourselves to others fully. When it is open, one sees the everything as one. Dreams are powerful. The energy of fire is strong when this Chakra is open.

Healing Visualizations and Meditations

  • Vipassana Meditation means insight. This was used by Buddha 2,500 years ago. This is for someone who is very serious about meditation.
  • To do this, you need to maintain silence for 10 days while you practice an awareness technique of watching your breath as it goes in and out of your body. As a detached witnessing state becomes possible, thoughts are simply watched with indifference as they pass through the mind; feelings and emotions are allowed to come and go. Sitting meditations are alternated with walking meditations and all daily activities during this period are done with slow, silent awareness.

The Petals and Letters

“The petals of any one of these lotuses, as we have seen, are made by the primary forces, which radiate out into the body along the spokes of the wheel. The number of spokes is determined by the number of powers belonging to the force which comes through a particular Chakra ... The Sanskrit alphabet is extraordinarily scientific. Apparently we have nothing like it in Western languages.

“Its 49 letters are considered for yoga purposes to include the sum-total of human sounds, to be—from the point of view of speech—a materially extended expression of the one creative sound or word. Like the sacred word Aum (the sound of which begins in the back of the mouth with A, traverses the centre with U, and ends upon the lips in M. It represents all creative speech, and therefore a set of powers.

“These powers are assigned as follows:

  • The 16 vowels to the throat chakra: Ka to Tha to the heart, Da to Pha to the navel, Ba to La to the second, and Va to Sa to the first.
  • Ha and Ksha are given to the Ajna chakra, and the Sahasrara Lotus or crown chakra is considered to include the alphabet taken 20 times over.

“There is no apparent reason why the letters should have been assigned to the particular chakras mentioned, but there is an increasing number of powers as we ascend the chakras. It is possible that the founders of the Laya system may have had a detailed knowledge of these powers, and may have used the letters to name them much as we use letters in referring to angles in geometry, or to the emanations from radium.” —The Chakras - A MONOGRAPH By C.W. Leadbeater

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“Play with meditation techniques, then much more is possible through them. Don't be serious about them; take them as fun. Meditation is an inner experience; it has nothing to do with anyone else. When you meditate, remember that you are there for yourself; keep your energy inwards and don't be tempted to look around at others.

“Drop the mind and you will become available to God. Become innocent and you will be bridged to God. Drop this ego, drop this idea that you are somebody special. Be ordinary and you will become extraordinary. Be true to your inner being and all religions are fulfilled. And when you don't have a mind, then you have a heart. When you don't have a mind, only then your heart starts pulsating, then you have love. No-mind means love. Love is my message.” —Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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Lotus Flower Meditation

A Lotus FlowerLook at this beautiful lotus flower to get the image of it in your mind. Close your eyes and imagine that this lotus flower is inside the top of your head and is opening to become even larger, spreading itself out above your head and everywhere into the universe. Imagine water filled with lotus flowers, rising inside your head and up above the crown of your head and hovering over your head. Hear the sound of the water as it moves and see all the colors of green, pink, blue, yellow, and gold move through your body and then rise with the soft water filled with lotus flowers up through the top of your head. Sit in silence and relax after you have completed this for about 15 minutes or longer. Obviously, if you can sit next to a real pond with lotus flowers, that would be the most ideal.

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“Fix your mind on psychic centers, such as the Sahasrara. The more you practice, the less you will be aware of your body. As long as this state continues, you will appear to be immersed in some kind of joy. But when the mind which has become tranquil emerges (becomes active again) it resumes its worldly thoughts. It is therefore necessary to train it with the help of practices like dhyana, whenever it becomes externalized. It will then attain a state in which there is neither subsidence (a gradual settling into a quiet or inactive state), nor emergence (the process of something new and unpredictable in the process of evolution).” —Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi 7th Chakra Visualization

Regarding meditation and problems: “...if the difficulty is only in the head and throat, and mainly in the latter, is very significant. These are the mental centers and it is evident therefore that the difficulty comes from the physical mind.” —Sri Aurobindo

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“Be seated with your spine straight and hands turned upward on your knees ... fingers and thumbs touching. Turn your attention inward and visualize the spine as a long hollow tube extending all the way from the base and up to the very center top of your head.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth slightly ... slowly draw a deep breath towards the upper part of your palate which in the process will give a sound as if you were in deep sleep as well as a sensation of cool dryness. Consciously direct the breath down to the base chakra. Hold it there ... tensing the muscles of your buttocks and visualize the activity of light and heat around it. Exhale slowly.” —Ambres

Relax after you do this. Repeat this same action with each Chakra center in your body, continuing with the solar plexus, heart center, throat center, and up into the forehead. Tense each area after you inhale and then exhale and relax. When you get to the 6th Chakra (The Third Eye), “relax and draw your breath up to the forehead. Keep your eyes focused and unwavering at the midpoint of your brows. As the patterns of light begin to flicker before you, draw them into a central point and hold them there.” No more words are necessary. This is a personal experience just for you.

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