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Our Home My friends, Ginger and Daniel, handed me binders that were falling apart. The papers were discolored and almost looked shredded. They had no idea who wrote it, where they came from, and I have no idea either—after much research.

All I could ascertain was that they are from the 1940s in Ohio somewhere. I am using some of that material for this. It would be a shame to just throw it away. I have added to it to create visualizations that can help your mind to calm down for meditation and help the world at the same time. I have tried to find this online, to no avail.

I believe the people who wrote this thought of themselves as more spiritual than belonging to any specific religion. I belong to no organized religion myself, but I certainly do believe in something that is Love. I just don't proclaim to know what it is! I call it God, because it's easier than trying to find other words. I have a feeling this is meant to be taken that way, too. But do what you will with it. That is not for me to judge in any way.

This meditation was called The Four Positive Prayers for the Four Directions used by the Masters of the Far East to invoke positive change in The Heart To the West, The Soul To the East, The Mind To the North, and the Strength To the South.

Visualize the earth in all of these meditations. Get the feeling that you are hugging the earth from all directions as you face all directions. You might be surprised to discover that you can actually do that with practice if you just remember that the sun rises in the east. It's nice to go to bed with the thought that as you are sleeping, the sun will be rising to your east and you will feel its light within you. (Note: It is a good idea to sleep with your head facing east. If that is not possible, facing north also works.)

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Visualize this before retiring.

Stand facing West. It's also nice to lift your arms up and stretch your entire body to that direction. Feel it throughout every muscle of your body. Then relax. Send your heart of Love to the West. Say to yourself:

“God is the direct principle of all things...and I manifest this through the spiritual powers within me. I am the divine principle of life...for the powers of the great I AM lives in me. I am in harmony with the beat of time, which issues from the great divine heart of the universe. I manifest the graces of the divine. I feel the sacredness of my name. My heartbeat expresses the rhythm of the universe, pulsating, permeating everything, everywhere. Connecting to the umbilical cord that holds me here through gravity. (Note: Even if this doesn't make any sense to you, try to imagine it in your mind's eye.)


Visualize this during the day between 11 am-12pm

Stand and face East. It's also nice to lift your arms up and stretch your entire body to that direction. Feel it throughout every muscle of your body. Then relax. Do this with reverence for the East. Send your divine inspiration from your soul to the East. Say to yourself:

“My Soul is filled with heaven and in the very innermost of my being I am one with whatever it is that never starts or ends. Whatever that is that I feel within me at all times, that there are no words for. So I use the word God, because it at least connotes something in the same direction. I know that the good which I desire is already in existence. I know that I have already received from the storehouse the outpouring of Love from God.

“The words which I now speak are from God, and my quickening breath is by the holy breath which issues from everywhere. All Good must be brought forth, for I allow only the spirit and life and love to manifest through me. My very soul is still within me. My soul expresses joy, and boundless love. My soul is the partner of divine silence.

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Visualize this when you awaken in the morning.

Stand and face north. Lift your arms up, stretch your entire body to that direction. Feel it throughout every muscle of your body. Relax. Do this with reverence for the North. Send your divine inspiration from your Mind to the North. Say to yourself:

“I rest in the divine mind of all that is. Knowing that all things shall be well. I ask for wisdom, the greatest gift of all, and for love, the tenderest expression of myself. And for truth, the greatest revelation of everything, and that the children will restore peace and love and truth and harmony among all peoples.”

“I have submitted my finite mind to the cosmic mind of the ages. I manifest the attributes of the divine mind, now within me. I now manifest divine Love, which unites me will all living and supposed non-living things.”

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Visualize this at 6 p.m. in the evening.

Stand and face South. Lift your arms, and stretch your entire body to that direction. Feel it throughout every muscle of your body. Relax. Do this with reverence for the South. Send your divine inspiration from your Strength to the South. Say to yourself:

“My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. My body is the Abode of God. Therefore, I am endowed with divine strength. Health and Strength express the divine attributes of God within me. I am health and I am strength. I am happiness and contentment. I now manifest into the visible gifts from the divine.”

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