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Buddha In the process of creating this site, there have been several categories that included other meditation, visualization, and contemplation techniques. The following links will take you to most of techniques covered on this site to help you learn how to meditate. Some of my favorite meditation techniques from others are also included in this section.

For people who don't believe in the value of meditation, it might be interesting to note that the president of the Mind/Body Institute at Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, cardiologist Herbert Benson, MD, spent more than 30 years studying the effects of meditation. According to an article by Richard Davidson, PhD, on WebMD's site, Benson says, “the study offers further evidence that meditation produces measurable benefits. But he rejects the idea that any one type of meditation or relaxation technique is inherently better than another.”

I agree. This is why I have made every attempt to not concentrate on one form of meditation. If you stop to think about it, when one listens to music, or experiences a work of art of any kind, the mind is also in a sort of meditative state. Your attention is focused. It's all about intent.

Breath Series Meditations

The next section of this Meditation series provides extensive Chakra Meditations taken from an article from the 1960s. But first, here are all of the meditations that are included in the Chakra series of this site:

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Chakra Series Meditations

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  • 7th Chakra Meditations

  • Vipassana Meditation
    Bhagwan Shree Razneesh
    Lotus Flower Meditation
    Maharshi 7th Chakra Visualization

  • Peter Russell's 3-Minute Meditation

  • This is a fun way to learn how to meditate. Peter Russell is one of the brightest minds I have had the good fortune to know. His Web site is a must. Don't miss it.

    Peter says: “For those who don't have time to go on a 10-day retreat, here's my 3-minute version. It is a very short guided meditation that will help you relax into the present moment. It contains elements common to many meditation practices—think of it as a basic generic meditation.” If by any chance, this page has changed, be sure to go to his home page to get more information. His site is also huge, and there is a lot of very valuable information here.

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