Nakra-Kriyas—Crocodile Series - Part 3

Movement With Intention and Breath to Heal the Body

Complete Yoga Breath
with Sound!

Postures Series

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Crocodile - Fish Relaxation
Fish Relaxation

Crocodile with both feet
Feet together

Crocodile feet sideways
Feet sideways

Crocodile with one knee at a time
One Knee
at a time

Knees up, together
Knees up

Knees up, apart
Knees up

Foot on Knee
Foot on Knee

Knees held
Knees together

Sitting Crocodiles
Sitting Crocodile

Standing Crocodile

Standing Relaxation

If you have arrived here without reading the first pages, please go to Nakra-Kriyas - Crocodiles Part 1. All of the instructions for these exercises are there (breath techniques, positioning, tips, cautions, etc.). Suggestion: Go to the Breath series first and learn how to do the Complete Yoga Breath before you practice Nakra-Kriyas (= Crocodiles).

Nakra-Kriya Variations - Feet, Knees

Knees setup
  • This one feels really good. Lift your knees up into the position shown here. Do the Complete Yoga Breath. Hold your breath while you bring your knees together down to the floor beside you, on both sides twice. You will try to get your right knee to feel the floor on the right side of your body as you roll your head to the left, then repeat the same with the left side as you roll your head to the right. (4 times altogether). Another variation is to bring your knees up close to your body and repeat the same movement.

Knees up together
  • Place your knees together in front of you. Grab your ankles with your hands and spread your feet and knees apart (so you have room to be able to do what Eugenia shows here).
  • On the count of 1,000, move your left knee down to the left and your right knee down beside your left heel. Roll your head to the right (the opposite direction always). Touch the left side of the floor with your left knee, if possible.
  • On the count of 2,000, repeat the above on the opposite side, then repeat on both sides one more time.
  • After you have done this back and forth twice on each side, do one Fish Relaxation.

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Holding knees
  • Here you can see how both sides are being done. First lie on your right side with your head resting on your right arm (as shown in illustration). Bend your knees and bring them up close to your body. Hold your knees with your left hand.

  • Take a Complete Yoga Breath as you lift your knees off the floor, still holding them (see image below), and move them to the left as far as you can without straining. Come back and repeat this 3 more times (4 times altogether).
Holding knee
  • Exhale and do two Fish Relaxations.


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One knee hold
  • This is a preliminary stretch to be able to finally achieve the goal of this last Crocodile. The more you do this, the easier it gets. This is one of those postures that looks impossible to some people in the beginning, but get surprisingly easier after you have done it many times.
  • Lie on your back and bring your right arm and shoulder on the floor to your right, slightly above your face. It is important to hold this position and only come as far as you can with your knee on the other side (without lifting your right shoulder, arm or hand from the floor to your right).
  • Place your left hand on your left knee, as shown. Your right leg can be relaxed. When you begin to breathe slowly and deeply and relax with intention, the body sort of sinks down more and more with each exhalation.
  • Repeat the same position on the other side. Breathe the entire time with your abdomen and feel how with each exhalation, your body gets heavier and more relaxed.

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