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What Does the Word Chakra Really Mean? Part 7

Introduction - Playing on Your Own Strings

Complete Yoga Breath
with Sound!

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Root Chakra
1st Chakra

Sacral Chakra
2nd Chakra

Navel Chakra
3rd Chakra

Heart Chakra
4th Chakra

Throat Chakra
5th Chakra

Third Eye Chakra
6th Chakra

NASA Eye of God image in center. Crown Chakra.
7th Chakra
DNA The Double HelixThere are also colors, gemstones, organs, glands, and much more that one can learn about to help unblock Chakras. This “Chakra Series” includes a comprehensive outline for you to begin to understand what this is all about. Asanas (physical movements with breath) that have an effect on each Chakra are provided. Keywords are used to help you visualize and heal each Chakra center throughout your body.

There is no way for me to know what method is best for you, so I might get a bit “wordy” with the hope that along the way you will find just the right expressions to open your mind to this vast subject. And as I wrote, I will draw from my favorite teachers through the years. Why try to define something that is best defined by the Masters?

We will concern ourselves mainly with the Chakras that most people talk or write about. This will make it easier for you at this stage of your studies. But even if you already know about Chakras and consider yourself quite knowledgeable, you might be surprised by some of the facts I have discovered in my 35 years of research. I would probably also be surprised by some of your facts.

Some people know a lot, but not one person knows everything. So, I humbly offer this series with the hope that you will learn something—regardless of how much you already know. I also provide links to hundreds of sites (many are about Chakras) and it is here where you will also find the spiritual giants who opened all of their Chakras through years of discipline and dedication. These people always are (and were) revered for their immense capacity to love unconditionally.

Practicing Yoga slowly brings the love of self back to our hearts and minds. This is why people who practice Yoga are usually very healthy and often more centered. But sometimes enthusiasts become judgmental, want to show everyone how much they can do, and tell everyone else how they should live. This usually passes with time as they learn to deeply love all others as much as they love themselves—because Yoga makes one aware of the fact that we are all in this together.

It is also true that many people who are sick with all sorts of symptoms might feel worse before they begin to feel better when they start to practice Yoga. They go through an elimination period first. In all my years of teaching, I have never had a student who did not experience a higher awareness of self, or a student with physical symptoms of dis-ease who did not experience more vitality and better health after only a few weeks. Read My Yoga Story for some incredible personal experiences I have had with students over the last 37 years.

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Healing Chakras With Sound

The Tibetan (as he is often called), Djwhal Kshul, who channeled his knowledge through Alice A. Bailey, said, “The Chakras are in the nature of distributing agencies and electric batteries, providing dynamic force and qualitative energy to man.”

There are healers who tune your Chakras with light, color and sound. You can do this yourself, too. Sound is a powerful healing medium. Personally, I think it is the most powerful. Just think about what music has brought into your life and the joy that comes from that, or the sound of laughter and how it feels to laugh from deep in the gut. Laughter is a self-powerful healing gift.

When we listen to incredible music and feel that we are taken into another world, even our bodies respond with that tingling sensation... Or so it seems to me when I listen to Joshua Bell play violin, Yo Yo Ma play cello, or Ella Fitgerald voicing music through her soul. Music is one of the best methods I can think of to get someone to understand what energy means. Feeling is all one needs to understand it. Everything else comes out of that.

The Tibetan channeled the sounds that correspond to the 7 Chakras and came up with the following list. I have changed the names of the Chakras to the locations to give a more exact “spot” for the sounds to be hummed into and expressed from (or where you should feel the sound is really coming from). If it is easier for you, just replace the names with numbers 1 through 7 in the left column.

Sacral Plexus (Adrenals)
Lumbar Plexus (Gonads)
Solar Plexus (Pancreas)
Cardiac Plexus (Thymus)
Cervical Plexus (Thyroid)
Carotid Plexus (Pituitary)
Center of Brain (Pineal)

“If at first the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it.”
—Albert Einstein

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